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Whether your business is a one man photography studio or a multi-million dollar corporation, a dynamic, professionally designed business logo can do wonders for the promotion of your business.

Not only does your business logo catch the eye of a potential customer, it serves as a visual reminder of who you are and what you do, so that a potential customer will be more likely to remember you when they have need of your particular service or product. Sounds like a tall order for one little image? It really is. That's why you need to do everything possible to make sure your business has the best logo it possibly can. And that's where Vector Factory comes in!

We specialize in professional business logo design and vector conversion services. By making use of our logo design and vector conversion artists, you can have a business logo that reflects the quality, professionalism, and general awesomeness of your business.

Business Logos

If you're looking for a unique, eye catching logo for your business, wow, have you found the right place! Our artists specialize in logos. We don't offer branding packages, stuffing your logo in with a mess of tag lines and web content. We focus only on the logo so that you can have the absolute best logo for your business. It is that important. Our artists are logo artists, plain and simple. They know what works and what doesn't work in a logo. They have a keen eye for quality and design, and can work with you to get you exactly the logo you want and need. Focused and professional, we offer quick turn around time and affordable prices.

All custom logos are provided in Vector format for printing and advertising needs, and in JPG format for use on websites, stationary, letterheads, and more. The logos are designed with your specifications, and you have the option to approve and suggest changes to the designs. The system is easy to use - so what are you waiting for? Lets start designing your business logo today!

Vector Conversions

There are few things worse than being stuck with a logo in JPG format. The same goes for GIF, PNG, and any other raster format you might have. No matter how great it looks on paper or on your website, you know that it can only get so big before you start losing valuable details. This causes serious problems if you ever need your image to be larger than it is. At the Vector Factory, we offer custom Vector conversions for your logos and images.

We don't use automated software, or logo generators that can cause loss of quality and detail in your image. Your image is too important for that. Our artists convert your logo or image from raster to vector by hand! We believe we have the best vector conversion service available and we know that our service can help you make the most of the images you already have.

Our vector conversion service is guaranteed! Who else does that?

Whether you want your logo on a billboard or t-shirt, or you need a business sign - you have found the right service! If you have an image that you need to convert to vector, we at the Vector Factory can make it happen! Get your image vectorized!

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