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Your business logo is what your customers remember you by. It is the single image they see the most when dealing with your business. In business listings it is the image that draws the first impression. It is, in effect, the face of your business.

The Importance Of A Great Logo

Branding and marketing professionals place a great deal of emphasis on logos. They know that having a well designed, memorable logo creates a positive effect on the way your business is viewed by potential clients, customers, and associates. They also know that a poorly designed logo can negatively impact the impression your business gives. Your logo will be used on everything from websites and advertisements to business cards and merchandise. Make sure your business logo is the best it can possibly be. Let us create your business logo design.

What You Get With The Vector Factory Logo Packages

When you purchase a custom logo design from the Vector Factory, our artists will create your logo from scratch. From the initial specifications, to choosing the design concept, and suggesting changes for revisions, you will be able to provide input on your logo design. Once you've chosen a design, our artists will finalize and revise the image according to the details of your logo package. When the logo design is complete, our artists will provide you with both a Vector image and a JPG of your logo so that you can use it anywhere your logo is needed. We can also assist you with your pre-existing raster image. We offer affordable, hand drawn raster to Vector conversion.

Both Vector and JPG Come Standard With All Logos!

Just as it is important for you to have an original, quality business logo design, we feel it is also important that you are able to use that logo anywhere you want or need. This is why we offer Vector conversion services to those who already have logos they want to use, and it is why we provide you with both a JPG image and a Vector image of your logo when designing your custom logo for you.

What Is a Vector Image?

If, by chance, you've never heard of a Vector image, this might be a good time for an explanation. Unlike JPGs and GIFs which are simply collections of pixels or colored dots, a Vector image is a specially created file that allows an image to be enlarged or compressed to any size without losing details or clarity. Think of the last time you zoomed in too close on a photograph. Remember how the image became blurry and grainy? That was because the computer only saw the image as a collection of pixels. Try to make those pixels bigger than they are and the fact that they are just dots of color become painfully obvious.

With a Vector image, you don't have that distortion. A Vector image can be enlarged a thousand times over without losing any of the quality or detail of the image. With a Vector image, you can print your image as tiny as a postage stamp or as large as a billboard without losing even the tiniest bit of clarity.

Why Do I Need Both?

I know what you're thinking. If Vector images are so great, why do we even offer a JPG? The fact is, Vector images are great for certain things. They are great for printing, resizing, and for creating merchandise. However, when you simply need to add an image to a website or piece of stationary, Vector graphics can be troublesome. This is why it is a good idea to have both a Vector image and a JPG of any logo you use for your business.

At the Vector Factory, we understand this. That is why both JPG and Vector Images come standard with every logo. You see, we understand logos. We know what works, what doesn't work, and how to create a business logo that works for you. We are the best in custom logos. Why not see what we can do for you? Get your business logo designed today!

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