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Raster to Vector Conversions (JPEG to Vector)

We can convert the following to vector format, allowing you to use your logo or image for print industry needs! Raster images of any kind (JPG, GIF, PNG, PSD, PDF, etc), Line art, Illustrations, Drawings, Photoshop files, Business logos, and much more! Ask us if you're not sure!

Services: JPG to vector, JPEG to vector, GIF to vector, PNG to Vector, etc - we will take your image of almost any type, and convert it to vector!

Our service provides:

  • Super quick turn around time
  • Super professional work quality
  • Super easy upload and payment process
  • Super vector conversion prices

You may be thinking, "Sounds super"...but...don't take our word for it, read what our customers are saying about Vector Factory! We've been doing this for a long time - and we're not cousin Bobbie's sisters friend who has some vector conversion software - we do it right - we do it by hand - experienced artists who have a keen eye for quality!

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Read on for more details about images...

Rasters, Vectors, JPGs (JPEG), Vector can all be very confusing. How can you possibly expect to know which one you need? They're all just images, right?

It's a little more complicated than that. Luckily, we're here to help! In the world of business, marketing, and advertising, you often need both raster and Vector images. Raster images, like JPGs and GIFs are useful when designing letterhead, websites, and business cards. Vector images are useful when you need your image to be resized while maintaining clarity. Any time you need your image to be printed larger than it actually is, you're going to want a Vector image, especially considering that most images are often much smaller than people realize.

If your raster image is resized even the slightest bit from it's original size, it will lose detail and become fuzzy or grainy. While this might not be such a bad thing on a computer monitor, it can have a devastating effect on large scaled advertising or the creation of merchandise. (t-shirts, coffee mugs, billboard ads, car wraps, etc.)

What If You Don't Have a Vector Image?

If you have a logo you want to use, but don't have a vector image of the logo, we can create one for you. We can take your existing raster image and convert it into a vector image - typically within 24-48 hours! We don't use automated vector conversion software or programs. All Vector conversions at Vector Factory converted by hand. In a world where shortcuts are the norm, you can feel safe entrusting your image to us because we will give it the time and attention it deserves. We won't take shortcuts because we take pride in our work.

We supply vector files in AI and EPS format, and can also provide your vectors in Corel Draw format by special request. Please let us know if you need a different format prior to purchase to ensure we can support your needed format.

Whether we're designing a logo from scratch or simply vectorizing a logo into a Vector image, we provide nothing other than quality, professional level work. There's no reason to shop around, you have already found the best vector conversion service on the web! Still need convincing? Read our testimonials. Don't forget to take advantage of our Facebook us on Facebook and get a discount!

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Note: Converting images that contain photographic detail will result in loss of quality. This is why many company logos are solid colors, have minimum effects and do not contain photographic detail. Although these types of images can be converted, you should expect loss of detail in the resulting vector image. This is not a limitation of our artists - this is a limitation of the vector image format. You can read more about vector effects. During the quoting process, you will be informed if your image will have any loss of detail during the vector conversion process. Because web browsers do not support vector files, proofs will be provided in JPG (raster) format. Once your proof is approved, the vector file(s) will be linked to your account and available for download.


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